Flower of Life and Cell Division – Geometry of Creation

Geometry In The Body

In the beginning of your life in the womb, you were nothing but geometrical forms. In fact, all life forms—trees, plants, dogs, cats, everything—have the same geometrical and structural patterns run-ning through them that ran through you when you were microscopic. Their very life and structural support depend on the forms. In fact, all life forms are these geometrical patterns, but it is not apparent to the casual eye. These geometrical relationships are important to perceive, not only so the left brain can realize the unity of all life,
but for another reason: so that we can understand these electromagnetic structural patterns around our body and begin to re-create them.

Every known life form begins as a sphere. It’s the most female form there is, so it makes perfect sense that the female would choose that shape to form the ovum. The ovum is a sphere. Another example of a round ovum is inside a chicken egg. When you re-move the yolk from a hard-boiled egg, you can see how perfectly round it is. All of us begin as a sphere.

The ovum has a membrane around it called the zona pellucida . Inside the mem-brane, is a liquid, and inside that, just like the chicken egg, there’s another perfectly round sphere called the female pronucleus, which contains 22 + 1 chromosomes— half the chromosomes necessary to create a human body. Inside the zona pellucida, are two polar bodies.

It is now known that the ovum must be absolutely saturated with hundreds of sperm,or conception is not even possible. Out of those hundreds, ten, eleven or twelve must come together in some kind of pattern on the surface—a pattern they’re still trying to figure out—that allows the eleventh, twelfth or thirteenth sperm to enter the ovum. One sperm cannot get through the membrane without the other ten to twelve. It’s not possible except when a human artificially inseminates it. The little sperm gets in through the zona pellucida with the help of the other sperm and then starts swimming toward the female pronucleus. The first thing that happens is that the sperm’s tail breaks off and disappears. Next, the tiny sperm headexpands and becomes a perfect sphere, which is the male pronucleus. It becomes exactly the same size as the female pronucleus, and it contains the other half of the necessary information.

Next, they pass through each other and form a geometrical relationship called the vesica piscis. It’s not possible for two spheres to pass through each other and perfectly coincide without forming a vesica piscis. This means that at this exact moment literally all the information of the Reality (and light) is contained in that geometry. This could not happen unless the two pronuclei were the same size.

The First Human Cell After the two pronuclei make a vesica piscis, the male pronucleus continues to permeate the female pronucleus until they areone. At this time it’s called a human zygote , the first cell of the human body . So you began as a sphere before you created your familiar human body. Actually, you were a sphere within a sphere. The human zygote will not change size during the first nine cell divisions.

It’s fixed, as is the size of the outer membrane. The human zygote is about 200 times bigger than the average cell in the human body, so big you can actually see it with your naked eye. When it divides into two, each of those two cells is half the original size; and when those two cells divide into four, each cell is a quarter of the original size.

The cells keep dividing like this, getting littler and littler, until they’ve divided eight more times and number 512. At that point the average cell size of the human body is reached. Mitosis continues, and the dividing cells expand beyond the boundaries of the original zona pellucida.

This is a single Cell transforming through the Flower of Life Sacred Geometry stages before becoming a fetus. This is ALL OF US at conception! It is completely validating of the Flower of Life for everyone out there who is still on the fence about it.