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“Transmissions” is an independent website offering an archive of mainstream as well as alternative research on current events and history.


The mission of this website is simply to act as a free online library, an alternative source for information on a wide range of topics, especially ones that the mainstream media and the establishment refuse to discuss or acknowledge. What you do with the information provided here is up to you.


This website offers a collection of articles on various topics including the Economic Crisis, Science & Technology, Geopolitics, Military Warfare and and even Ancient History. Most of the information on this website has been obtained on the Internet and others from various books as well as journals.The articles shared here are taken from a wide variety of sources from all across the world so as to provide the most generalized perception of information.

Our Facebook page is managed by administrators who do not promote any “line” in particular, but at the same time, strongly affirm their right to criticize and expose any corporation, government, organizations (both private & public), religion or ideology, that is doing injustice or causing harm to our society and planet.

We do not claim to know any universal truth or secrets, we are simply sharing the information and clues as we go along on this journey and do our part in helping the global community to find true and empowering information.

If you are the type of person who gets offended very easily or do not like to have your personal beliefs questioned, then this is not the page for you.

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  2. Peace, Love and Light to you all and continue to share brothers and sister.

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