Lost Ark Brelshaza Gear Conversion Chart & Guide

Learn how the Brelshaza gear conversion works with the help of a useful chart, and see how it is further broken down!

Lost Ark has seen many legion raids in its time, and players have been in the knows of there being a new legion raid being announced and released, with it being the Brelshaza Legion Raid. players might need help figuring out how the Lost Ark Brelshaza Gear Conversion works for their gear in the raid and might need further assistance! 

Key Highlights

  • The Brelshaza is a legion raid that has been recently added to Lost Ark and is part of the four legion raids that can be found in the game. 
  • Players are able to take help from a convenient conversion chart that showcases everything that needs to be known regarding item levels and honing rates. 
  • The Brelshaza raid will have 6 gates that players will be able to get through in order to get mats. 
  • The mats can be used in order to craft weapon and armor
  • The main benefit of knowing how conversion works in Brelshaza will be that players will save on precious time as well as gain more knowledge about how it all works!

Gear Conversion Chart 

First things first, let’s get a few things out of the way. Before we get further in-depth about the conversion works, let’s list down a basic chart that players will be able to get an overview of before diving further into the mathematics of everything. 

Gear Item Level Brelshaza GearItem Level Honing Rate Of GearHoning Rate Of Brelshaza Gear

As can be seen from the chart above

  • If the player has the gear that they originally have at 20, and their item level is originally at 1490, then it will have an overall honing rate of 3%, and if it goes through the Gear Conversion, then the gear gets to a 12, and the item level will increase up and reach 1510, with the honing rate being set to 10%. 
  • Similarly, if the gear is at 21, then the normal item level will also be set to 1505, with the honing rate being set to 3%, and once again, if the conversion is carried out for the Brel gear, then the gear will be 13, and the item level will increase to 1520, with there being a honing rate of 10%. 
  • Whenever the gear ends up being at 22, then the item level will normally be at 1520, and the normal honing rate will be set to 1%, and if it is converted to the Brel gear, then players can expect the gear to now be 14, with the item level now being 1530, and there is an overall honing rate of 5%. 
  • Moving on, whenever the gear is 23, then it can be expected for the item level to be at 1535, with the honing rate being 1% once again. And again, if it is converted to the Brel gear, then the gear goes to 15, and the item level moves up to 1540, with the honing rate still being set to 5%. 
  • At the gear being 24, the item level can be expected to be 1550, while the honing rate will be about 0.5%, and if it is converted to Brelshaza gear, then the gear becomes 17, and the item level ends up being at 1560, with the honing rate going down to 4%
  • Lastly, if the gear is at 25, then the normal item level will be 1575, while the honing rate will be 0.5%, and if it is converted to Brelshaza gear, then the gear goes to 19, and the item level goes to 1580 with the honing rate going down to 3%. 

Further Explanation 

Further Explanation
Further Explanation (Image Credits Exputer)

First things first, let’s discuss how many materials are required to craft the gear that is obtained from the Brelshaza raids, and how many mats are required to get your hands on the weapon as well. 

  • To craft the armor that they want, players will need a total of 40 mats from the raids. 
  • As for the weapon, players will need to have a total of 100 mats on them. 

This makes it entirely different as if you are trying to get mats from either the Valtan raid or the Vykas raid, since armor, requires 10 mats for it while requiring 25 mats for the weapon. 

Mats Received From Gates

Mats (Image Credits Exputer)

Because the Brelshaza legion raid has a total of 6 gates, players will also need to keep in mind the total of how many mats they will be able to get whenever they end up clearing each gate and progress through the next. 

1490 Item Level 

If the player is at the 1490 item level, then they will be eligible to clear gate one and gate two and each gate will provide a different number of mats to the player. 

  • In gate one, upon clearing the gate, it will reward the player with a total of 3 mats, and it will also reward you with an extra 3 mats, and zero on bids. 
  • In gate two, players will be able to take advantage of obtaining 4 mats upon clear, 4 upon extra, and 5 on bids. 

1500 Item Level 

If you are at an item level of 1500, then players will be able to progress further into gate 3 as well as gate four, which will provide these mats: 

  • At gate 3, players will be able to access 3 mats from clearing, 3 from extras but zero from bids. 
  • At gate 4, players will be able to get their hands on 4 mats from clearing, 4 extra, and 5 from bids. 

1520 Item Level 

While being at item level 1520, players should be able to access gates 5 and gate 6, and the mats will be as follows: 

  • At gate 5, players can expect to get 3 mats from clearing, 3 extras, and zero from bids. 
  • At gate 6, it will reward players with 5 mats at the clearing, 5 extra, and 5 more from bids. 

The total mats that players will get will be 59, with there also being a bonus of 30 mats rewards upon clearing gate one for the first time. 

Week One Crafting 

Let’s say that a player wants to craft an armor piece on week one, if they end up doing gate one, then they are going to be guaranteed a total of receiving 6 mats, and if they end up clearing it for the first time, then they will be able to also get the 30 mats bonus, making it come out to be 36 mats, which doesnt guarantee them an armor piece on week one since one armor will require 40 mats and the player only has 36. 

So, if players do want armor mats, then they will have to clear gate 2 to get their hands on a few more mats before they can make a full 40. 

As for crafting a weapon on week one, don’t even try, since players will need 100 mats, and even if they end up clearing all gates, which gives them 59 mats, and they get the bonus 30 mats, they still will not have enough to craft a weapon. 

Transferring From Valtan/Vykas To Brelshaza 

Brelshaza Raid
Brelshaza Raid (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, let’s bring back the conversion chart that we talked about before, and go a little further in-depth with it and how it all operates. 

  • If a player has their item level at 1490 with Valtan or Vykas, and they decide to transfer it to Brelshaza, then it takes them to 1510. Taking into account that there are 6 gates, players can figure out how much the item level generally increases per gate by simply dividing the subtraction of the Valtan/Vykas Item level and the Brelshaza item level by 6. 
  • For example, if you go up from item level 1490 to item level 1510 then there is a 20-level increase, and dividing that between the 6 gates, we get an average increase of 3.33. 
  • So if you en dup being at 1490, and you ended up clearing gate 2 to get the 40 mats that are required for the armor, then your level-ups increase by 3.33, it then becomes 1493.3, there was also a 10% honing rate for the Brelshaza going from 12 to 13. And the odds of going from 20 to 21 is about 3%. 

Let’s take this into account for all the item levels that players can get: 

  • If players go up from the 1505 Valtan/Vykas item level to 1520 in the Gear Conversion, then there is a difference of 15, and dividing it by the gates it will be an average increase of 15/6 making it 2.5 
  • If you end up being gear 21 when you clear gate 2, then players can expect the item level to increase from 1505 to 1507.5. 

With the item level being at 1520, if you end up taking it to the Brelshaza item level 1530, then there will be a difference of 10: 

  • Dividing it between the gates, making it an increase of 10/6 making it 1.6. 
  • If your item level is 1535 and you take it to Brelshaza’s 1540 item level, then a ⅚ division will make it a 0.83 increase. 
  • With the item level being at 1550 and taking it up to 1560, it will be a 1.6 increase as well. 
  • With the item level being taken from 1575 to 1580, there will be another ⅚ increase making it 0.83. 

Route To Get To 1500 

Moving on, if players want to go from gate one to gate four without spending way too much, let’s say you end up starting at a 1490 item level, then you end up doing a transfer, which makes your level increase from 1490 to 1493.3.

  • From there, if you end up honing the Brelshaza gear, it increases by 10 increments. Divide the 10 by 6 divisions, which gives a 1.6 increase, which bumps up the level even more from 1493.3 plus 1.66 to 1495. 
  • From here, players will need to successfully hone 3 more times for the Brelshaza which will bring it to an item level of 1500

The main advantages of using the Brelshaza route will be that there will be overall better odds of transferring since the success rates are typically higher like 10% and 5%. But the main downside will be simply that it will require players to get a lot of advanced materials, which can get pretty daunting. 

Now, if you take the same route that you took from the successful Brelshaza honing, and instead end up taking the root of Valtan/Vykas honing, then players will only need to successfully hone a total of 2 times to get to Item level 1500. 

And the main reason for that is simply because for the Valtan/Vykas item level, the divisions will lead to an increase of 2.5 instead of the 1.6 with Brelshaza, therefore only needing a successful honing of 2 times instead of the usual 3 with Brelshaza

The advantage of using the Valtan/Vykas route is going to be that it uses the old materials as compared to the new ones, but the success rates are going to be significantly lower. 

Route To Get To 1520 

Now, if there are players who want to go all the way to gate 6 and want to go to 1520 on week one, let’s say you start by being at item level 1505. Let’s say that you carry out your transfer, and you gain a 2.5 increase, which will up your item level to 1507.5. 

  • To get even more Brelshaza success, take the 1.6 increase, and players will need to have 8 successful hones to get to 1520. 
  • With Valtan/Vykas, players will need to successfully hone only 5 times. 

Brelshaza Sidereals 

Whenever players head into the different gates of Brelshaza, they will have assistance from a few sidereals that the gates will offer up. For gates 1 and 2, the following 3 sidereals will be given: 

  • Thirain will be able to call to awaken the vanquisher, and it will be able to then thrust it using the power of light to cast forth an explosion that will be deadly. It will also have a weak point ability using the powers that have the vanquisher.  
  • Azena will be able to take help from magick in order to call forth a spear from the beginning in order to launch attacks against enemies that are present in the same radius. Azena will be able to switch between water, fire as well as earth in order to cast out high amounts of damage to the boss and any other enemies that will be nearby. 
  • Balthorr will be able to hit the anvil using the Earthen Strength, and anytime he does so, all allies that are present within a 14-meter radius around the anvil will be increased up for a bit of time. If there is a kind of enhanced armor, then it will give more push immunity, it will increase the overall damage negation, and will also block out some attacks. 

For gates 3 and 4, players will get three different sidereals like the ones listed below: 

  • Wel will be able to summon forth Dochul, who has been sealed and ordered to cast forth a total of 3 attacks that are going to be absolutely devastating, and the Awakened Dochul will be able to also stagger enemies by a lot anytime the attack is carried out. 
  • Nineveh will be able to give out arrows to Perkunas in order to consistently deal damage to the weak spots that are on the enemy and consistently unleash attack after attack. 
  • Inanna will be able to take use of Magick in order to cast forth a protective area that will be 14 meters in radius, and if the player is under the protective area, then they will be able to gain immunity to push. Alongside that, attacks will also be absorbed by the area, and when the zone goes away, players will gain back a bit of HP. 

For gates 5 and 6, players will be able to get the following sidereals: 

  • Shandi will be able to take us from the Illusion Magick in order to quite literally distort spacetime for a bit of time. After that, Shandi will then be able to give out certain buffs to people that are present in the raid and will also apply a few debuffs to enemies; and players will also have their overall attack increased, movement speed will also be buffed up while the overall MP recovery will also be buffed up. 
  • Players will also get Azena and Inanna. 


And there we have it! An in-depth explanation on how conversion and conversion charts operate, and with that, we will wrap up our Gear Conversion guide! If you are someone who wants to learn about how markets operate, and how buying and selling works, then our Lost Ark Market Online guide will showcase all that you need to know!

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