UFO Sightings, Moon Footage: Strange Object Moving in Odd Direction [VIDEOS]



UFO sightings are topics frequently discussed online. Some of the reports are easily classified as fake or edited for the purpose of fooling other people. Other UFO reports come in video forms. They are posted by users who seem to be asking, “Do you see what I see?” Take some footage of the moon, for instance.

Every social network has a UFO community. They are dedicated to collecting UFO sighting witness accounts and news items. Despite the number of fake reports, many watchers remain hopeful for the next big UFO encounter. How would you classify the video featured below — for real, manipulated, or nothing out of the ordinary?

VIDEO: UFO on the moon in 2013

A YouTube user (danchek2013) uploaded a video footage of the moon, with a pointer that calls your attention to at least two flying objects. One of the objects made a noticeable strange turn and abrupt change in speed. The objects look like two fireflies or magnified bright specs of dust with the huge moon on the background.

There is no proper description for the video. Viewers are left with only the pointer at the start of the video to draw their own conclusion. Videos like these are often openly dismissed by skeptics, but so far, any possible manipulation has not been pointed out in the comments.

See for yourself, you could be the first one to point out why or why not this clip should be recorded as UFO sighting.

WATCH “UFO” VIDEO: Do you see what the [uploader] sees?

User JDPackard commented: where what who when ??? great footage …give us more infromation who filmed this???

Other viewers left 1-word reactions: “cool,” “wow,” and “fantastico.”

Consider this next video. It is supposedly a scrutiny of this NASA photo of the moon’s Tycho crater. The video is titled, “Maybe the best Aliens proof so far?” Some viewers claimed seeing “buildings” on the moon. Others encouraged looking closely into the original NASA image by following the given link. Some others are saying they did not see anything unusual. Again, see for yourself.

VIDEO: UFO, Alien Buildings on the Moon?

Source: International Business Times