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BRICS: The World’s New Banker?

The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) bloc has begun planning its own development bank and a new bailout fund which would be created by pooling together an estimated…


Predatory Capitalism: Stealing Wealth, Stealing Food: The Battle for the Corporate Control of India

In recent years, India has increasingly conformed to a US-led economic agenda driven by the policies of the World Bank, the World Trade Organisation and associated institutions. Due to the…


Central Banks Of The World Are Setting Up A Major Financial Disaster

Conflicts come to the surface at IMF-World Bank meeting In the aftermath of September 2008 and the onset of the global financial crisis, the international meetings of the major capitalist…


Why Are Indian Farmers Committing Suicide and How Can We Stop This Tragedy?

The factors that have caused 200,000 suicides in India are rooted in the policies of trade liberalization and corporate globalization which ensnare farmers in a spiral of indebtedness, generating despair….