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Man has 75% of skull replaced with 3-D printed implant

Some are fascinated with 3-D printing. One man can’t get it out of his head. An unidentified man had 75% of his skull replaced with a 3-D printed implant made…

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University creates first wireless, implanted brain-computer interface

Researchers at Brown University have succeeded in creating the first wireless, implantable, rechargeable, long-term brain-computer interface. The wireless BCIs have been implanted in pigs and monkeys for over 13 months…


U.S. Naval Research Laboratory Confirms HAARP’s Ability to Manipulate Atmosphere

Few government research programs have produced as many questions and as much speculation as the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP). From the potential of HAARP to disrupt and control…


Space-Based Solar Farms Power Up

It would solve our energy needs overnight. But with huge technological and financial challenges, can space-based solar power ever take off? “Ex-Nasa scientist seeks visionary billionaire to help change the…

Some of Darpa’s imagined designs for its new VTOL X-Plane program. Image: Darpa


Darpa Wants to Rethink the Helicopter to Make It Go Way Faster

Helicopters are great. They’re maneuverable in very tight spaces, they haul heavy things relative to their small sizes — and, very importantly, they take off and land vertically, removing the…


Future Soldiers Will Have Flexible Electronics Everywhere

  More than 10 years ago, U.S. Army researchers saw potential in flexible displays. With nothing in the marketplace, the Army decided to change that by partnering with industry and…


FDA Approves World’s First Bionic Eye: The Second Sight Argus II

  The FDA just gave official approval to the world’s first bionic eye! Developed by Second Sight Medical Products, the Argus II is a bionic eye that bypasses damaged rods and cones in the retina….


World’s first 3D printing pen smashes Kickstarter goal in a few hours

3D printers are getting smaller and cheaper all the time, but they’re still not exactly mainstream. The 3Doodler is an attempt to change that — it’s a small pen-style device…

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Estonia launches national car-charging network

165 charging points around the country will use direct current to charge cars in less than 30 minutes Estonia’s reputation as one of the most wired-up countries in Europe has been boosted…

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A sensational breakthrough: the first bionic hand that can feel

The first bionic hand that allows an amputee to feel what they are touching will be transplanted later this year in a pioneering operation that could introduce a new generation…

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Philadelphia Courts Begin Using Computer Forecasts to Predict Future Criminal Behavior

Judges in the Philadelphia court system are now taking advantage of powerful new computer models to help determine how much jail time an offender should get. Computers have been forecasting…

Stem Cell Printer Human embryonic stem cells can be printed out with a valve-based printing technique, tailored to account for the cells' delicate properties. The cells were loaded into two separate reservoirs in the printer and were then deposited onto a plate in a pre-programmed, uniformed pattern. Colin Hattersley

Scientists 3-D Print With Human Embryonic Stem Cells

They hope to create 3-D tissues and organs using stem cells as the “ink.” 3-D printers can produce gun parts, aircraft wings, food and a lot more, but this new 3-D…


Meet ARGUS: The World’s Highest Resolution Video Surveillance Platform

DARPA shows off 1.8-gigapixel surveillance drone, can spot a terrorist from 20,000 feet DARPA and the US Army have taken the wraps off ARGUS-IS, a 1.8-gigapixel video surveillance platform that…


Scientists use DNA to store MP3, holds 2.2 petabytes per gram

. Further exploring the role biological processes could one day play in the evolution of technology, researchers from the European Bioinformatics Institute claim to havesuccessfully encoded 154 Shakespeare sonnets and an MP3…


Star Trek style ‘tractor beam’ created by scientists

A real-life “tractor beam”, which uses light to attract objects, has been developed by scientists. It is hoped it could have medical applications by targeting and attracting individual cells. The…