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Agenda 21 in India GreatGameIndia

Agenda 21 in India – Bribery First, Blackmail Later, Bullets at Last

Agenda 21 in India Agenda 21 – An Assessment By- Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India http://www.moef.nic.in/divisions/ic/wssd/doc2/main.html Foreword by then Prime Minister of India – Atal Bihari Vajpayee…


Inhumane Sterilization Surgeries in Bihar’s Backwaters

Special ArrangementA youth plays the anaesthetist minutes before he was nabbed. Special ArrangementThe ‘Operating Theatre’ at the time of the police raid. The Kaparfora sterilisations expose the State administration’s tenuous…


UK aid helps to fund forced sterilisation of India’s poor

Money from the Department for International Development has helped pay for a controversial programme that has led to miscarriages and even deaths after botched operations Sterilisation remains the most common…