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Planetary defense system is needed, may be feasible

    In the wake of an announcement made by head of Russia’s Space Agency Roskosmos Vladimir Popovkin on the need to create a planetary defense system, Izvestia interviewed several…


Chinese anti-satellite weapon test debris hits Russian satellite

Reports say that debris from China’s Fengyun 1C meteorological satellite destroyed in an anti-satellite weapons test (ASAT) in 2007 may have hit and severely damaged a Russian spacecraft on January…


Space race under way to create quantum satellite

In this month’s special edition of Physics World, focusing on quantum physics, Thomas Jennewein and Brendon Higgins from the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo, Canada, describe…

China may be gearing up to perform a controversial ASAT test this month: media report 

Image Credit: The Indian Express

China’s anti-satellite weapon a ‘trump card’ against US

Amid reports that China is gearing up to conduct one more anti-satellite weapons test (ASAT) putting US Global Positioning System (GPS) at risk, Chinese state media today asserted that Beijing…


Asia-Pacific Pivot: US to station powerful radar, space telescope in Australia

The United States military will station a powerful radar and a space telescope in Australia as part of a major refocusing of priorities towards Asia, the two countries announced Wednesday….


Beyond Bayonets and Battleships: Space Warfare and the Future of U.S. Global Power

It’s 2025 and an American “triple canopy” of advanced surveillance and armed drones fills the heavens from the lower- to the exo-atmosphere. A wonder of the modern age, it can…