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A Kachin soldier mans a frontline position near Laiza. Pic: AP.
Credit: asiancorrespondent.com

Burma ‘using Chinese airspace’ as fighting nears Kachin HQ

There is now enough video and photo evidence to confirm that the Burmese military has deployed fighter jets and helicopters close to its border with China to use against the…

Credit: StratRisks

Social media users who comment on military actions ‘could be military targets’

Social media users who use tweets and online posts to comment on a military operation could be regarded as legitimate military targets. Australian army Land Warfare Studies Centre analyst Chloe…

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First Batch of DARPA’s Synthetic Blood Delivered to FDA, Could Be on Battlefields Soon

Perhaps ranking behind only bullets and water, blood is one of those things you really don’t want to run out of on the battlefield. But better battlefield medicine — as…


Fifty years of DARPA: Hits, misses and ones to watch

Founded to protect the US against “technological surprise”, the agency has achieved some spectacular successes – and failures – in its 50-year history. Successful projects The internet: Precisely who ‘invented’…


12 Insane But True DARPA Projects

In the scifi TV series Fringe, the government gives a couple geniuses a lab and a mandate to come up with crazy technologies to defend America. DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research…


Government Documents Link Global Warming to Advanced Military Climate Modification Technology

Documents from 1966 reveal the mission of the military and federal agencies to modify the climate ___________________________________________________ Al Gore Says the Science of Global Warming is Settled ____________________________________________________ It’s unacceptable…


Big Five Group pushing for EU rapid reaction headquarters

Lady Ashton, the EU foreign minister, has signalled to Paris she will go against British opposition if France can win other allies this winter, a senior French defence ministry source…


“Whoever Owns Space Owns the World”: Star Wars or Star Peace?

The US is making huge investments into satellite technology. Back in 2009 US Defence Minister Robert Gates convinced Congress to designate a sum of $10.7 billion to developing this field….


Twelve Government Documents That Take UFOs Seriously

  by Richard M. Dolan copyright 2003 & 2009 by Richard M. Dolan. All rights reserved. Ask people what they think about UFOs, and you’re sure to get opinions ranging through…


Secret Military Base: The Pine Gap Facility In Australia

There are about four more dishes (balls) and a heap of newer buildings Since I last saw an image of this NSA facility. These new photos also show one of…