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The Wahhabi Invasion: How Saudi Uses Money To Radicalize Kashmir

  The famed Sufi tradition and spirit of Kashmiriyat in the Valley, already ravaged by decades of insurgency, faces a new challenge. Wahhabism, an austere, puritanical interpretation of Islam promoted…


India Warns Kashmir to Prep for Nuclear War

  Officials in Indian-controlled Kashmir are warning residents to be prepared for a possible nuclear war by building build bomb-proof basements and collecting two weeks’ worth of food and water….


Kashmir: Paradise Lost – A Brief History of Kashmir & the Continuing Conflict

It is hard to imagine that Kashmir, one of the most beautiful places on earth, inhabited by a peaceful populace, can become the bone of contention between two countries. There…

Indian soldiers patrol a sector near the India-Pakistan border in the northern Indian state of Kashmir Photograph: MANISH SWARUP/AP

Credit: The Guardian

Indian officers named in report on Kashmir abuses

Report identifies 500 ‘alleged perpetrators’ of human rights abuses from low-ranking policemen to Indian army generals Hundreds of serving Indian soldiers, including senior officers, are accused of involvement in widespread…