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RAW & Mossad: The Secret Link

Thirty-five years ago, in September 1968, when the Research and Analysis Wing was founded with Rameshwar Nath Kao at its helm, then prime minister Indira Gandhi asked him to cultivate Israel’s Mossad….


RAW’s Clandestine Operations in Pakistan: Kao Plan Unleashed

By Makhdoom Babar When Indira Gandhi took over as Prime Minister of India in the late 60s, among her basic priorities was to undo the division of India that created…


The great game comes to Bangladesh

Hillary Clinton visit to Dhaka intrigues Bangladeshi observers. But the most interesting thing here is the strategic coordination that takes place between Washington and New Delhi in relation to Bangladesh….


GENESIS OF RBI ( ROTHSCHILD BANK OF INDIA ) – The Fowler Committee and Schemes of Rothschild & Hambro

  The question of the amalgamation of the Presidency Banks was not taken up again till 1898,  when   several   witnesses   before  the   Indian   Currency   Committee   (Fowler Committee)  drew attention to…


Why India is Buying Gold

India wants to shoot the messenger: It wants to ban the sale of gold coins via the banking system because the rupee is falling against the dollar and other currencies….


The Opium (Heroin) Foundations of the Banking Institutions of India

  Before coming to the point a bit of history would help understand the circumstances that led to it.   India was once a rich country, it was called ‘Sone…


The Rothschild Colonization of India

Do you know how Europe and the U.S are so rich…. …while countries like India are so poor…?????? Ancient Indian Wealth You might be thinking its because they are already…


Flip side of India’s polio success story

India’s health ministry, celebrating a year of freedom from wild polio, now faces a dilemma that public health experts had predicted years ago: the very vaccine it is using to…

Master-A MFCR

India to deploy anti-missile defense shield in Delhi, Mumbai

Delhi and Mumbai, the two most vital metros of India, have been chosen for DRDO’s Ballistic Missile Defence system that can be put in place at short notice. The detailed…


2200 nuclear weapons in state of high operational alert: Report

Press TV The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) reports that despite a decline in the total number of nuclear warheads in the world, major atomic arsenals are modernized continuously….


Mask of Zion – Israel’s Fission Field Warfare: Pakistan, Iraq and Egypt

By Jonathan Azaziah Fission is defined as ‘the act or process of splitting into parts.’ In a more scientific explanation, fission is defined as ‘division of the atomic nucleus into…


The Art of Warfare : Iran and The Gas Pipeline Battle”

Two major pipeline projects are at present vying to secure future energy supplies to Pakistan, India and China. One originates in Iran while the second one draws on reserves in…


Indian Air Force to induct first killer drones

The Indian Air Force is planning to induct its first self-destructing combat drones from Israel by next year for enhancing its firepower. The Israeli-made Harop unmanned combat air vehicle(UCAV) will give IAF the…


Ignorance Is Bliss :A brief retrospection of Indian middle class

The sky line of Indian cities is rapidly changing fragmenting the azure sky and so is the imagination especially of the Indian middle class fragmented between KFC and McDonald’s, Nike…


Unholy alliance between Hindutva and Zionism

Unless more sane voices prevail, certain faith groups will continue to use religion as a tool of political expediency Perhaps one of the most troubling legacies of the twentieth century…