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Asia is Purchasing Nearly all of Iran’s Oil

  Four Asian countries are now purchasing nearly all of Iran’s oil exports according a report this week from the Economist’s Intelligence Unit (EIU). “Almost all of Iran’s oil exports now…

Credit: Express India

$5-bn US bonds seized from stock broker in India

The Income Tax department is bewildered by its massive haul of US Treasury bonds from a Coimbatore stock broker, estimated to be worth Rs 28,000 crore or around $5 billion….


Indian Women Turn to Guns After Gang Rape Outcry

  Women in Delhi are rushing to apply for gun licenses in the aftermath of the gang rape and murder of a 23-year-old medical student who died in hospital last…


Jagjit Singh Chauhan: The British Agent Behind The Khalistan Separatist Movement in India

Jagjit Singh Chauhan: Profile of a British agent EIR had the opportunity to talk recently in Europe with Dr. Jagjit Singh Chauhan, the self-appointed “leader” of the Khalistan movement. Chauhan…


Emerging China, Brazil and India agree to increased United Nations dues

China, Brazil, India and other emerging powers agreed to major increases in their United Nations payments as the global body hammered out a new budget deal this week to avoid…


Freemasonry in India: Nehru, Vivekananda, Tata were also Freemasons

They are one of the world’s oldest secretive societies whose members included Motilal Nehru, Vivekananda, JRD Tata, King George VI and George Washington, among others. Their temples and lodges are…

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Russia signs $3bn arms deals with India

Russia will sell India military helicopters and military equipment worth about $3bn under a new agreement as bilateral trade might double to $20 by 2015. Russian President Vladimir Putin and…


When John F Kennedy almost nuked China over India

Six months after the 1962 Chinese aggression on India, the then US administration headed by President John F Kennedy even contemplated using nuclear weapons to prevent the Communist state from…


Indian Banks are about to merge into Too-Big-To-Fail institutions

  It looks like India is going the same way as Wall Street and the American Banking system by creating gigantic banking conglomerates who will have enormous power of centralized…


Indian monks promised me iPhone to ‘incite self-immolations’, claims arrested Tibetan

A Tibetan monk, who was recently arrested for abetting self-immolations, has said that he was instigated by two India-based monks who promised him an iPhone, Chinese official media claimed. 40-year-old…

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The inside story of the CIA-ISI 26/11 immunity deal

  The US State Department’s decision to extend immunity to two former ISI chiefs in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks case is in accordance with a clandestine understanding reached between…


‘India can expect rising civil unrest as result of massive land grab by investors for commercial projects’

A new research has blamed Indian government agencies and investors for a growing spate of violent clashes in the nation’s forest and tribal areas. The research, released on the eve…


Indian establishment mourns founder-leader of fascist Shiv Sena

The fawning send-off India’s political and business establishments accorded Bal Thackeray, the founder-leader of the fascist Shiv Sena (SS), following his death last month at the age of 86 is…


Kashmir: Paradise Lost – A Brief History of Kashmir & the Continuing Conflict

It is hard to imagine that Kashmir, one of the most beautiful places on earth, inhabited by a peaceful populace, can become the bone of contention between two countries. There…

Indian soldiers patrol a sector near the India-Pakistan border in the northern Indian state of Kashmir Photograph: MANISH SWARUP/AP

Credit: The Guardian

Indian officers named in report on Kashmir abuses

Report identifies 500 ‘alleged perpetrators’ of human rights abuses from low-ranking policemen to Indian army generals Hundreds of serving Indian soldiers, including senior officers, are accused of involvement in widespread…