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INDIAN HOLOCAUST under British Raj : 1.8 BILLION excess deaths IGNORED by Anglo Media

Educated Indians are aware of the ghastly 2-century imposition of British colonialism on India. However, because history is generally written by non-scientists, most Indians are utterly unaware of the horrendous…


Vatican’s Holocaust: Nazi-Croatia Death Camps

By Sir Vojislav Milosevic Director, Center for Counter-terrorism Belgrade, Serbia Part 1/6 The existence of iron curtain, political equations of the Cold War, and the everlasting involvement of powers that…


IBM’s Role in the Holocaust — What the New Documents Reveal

Newly-released documents expose more explicitly the details of IBM’s pivotal role in the Holocaust — all six phases: identification, expulsion from society, confiscation, ghettoization, deportation, and even extermination. Moreover, the…