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A model of China's "Dark Sword" UAV. According to Jane's Defense

Credit: CNN.com

China and Japan step up drone race as tension builds over disputed islands

Drones have taken centre stage in an escalating arms race betweenChina and Japan as they struggle to assert their dominance over disputed islands in the East China Sea. China is rapidly expanding its nascent…

Credit: StratRisks

Pakistan’s new military doctrine under Indian threats

Just a couple of days after Pakistan’s army brought radical change in its military doctrine by replacing its enemy number one – India – with the terrorists along Afghan border…


Kashmir: Paradise Lost – A Brief History of Kashmir & the Continuing Conflict

It is hard to imagine that Kashmir, one of the most beautiful places on earth, inhabited by a peaceful populace, can become the bone of contention between two countries. There…


China, Japan and the Senkaku Islands: The Roots of Conflict Go Back to 1274

Sensitivity to domination, aggression and loss of face run deep in East Asia. Longtime correspondent Cheryl A. asked me to comment on the dispute between China and Japan over the…


The Balfour Declaration – The Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

The Balfour Declaration – The Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict. Jonathan Schneer Anchor Canada (Random House), Toronto, 2012. This is the best that academic political history gets. More than simply…