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Image: CBS News

The Bangladesh factory collapse and the drive for profit

More than 300 people are dead, mainly garment workers, and many more are injured following the collapse of the eight-storey Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh this week. The tragedy is…

An Egyptian protester waves his national flag as he gestures towards riot police during clashes near Cairo's Tahrir Square on January 28, 2013 (AFP Photo / Mohammed Abed)

Credit: RT

Egypt Army chief warns of ‘collapse of state’ as troops deployed to ‘protect’ Suez Canal

Egyptian Defense Minister General Abdel Fattah Sissi has warned that the failure to resolve the political crisis currently gripping Egypt could ultimately lead to the “collapse of the state.” Sissi…


Expert Explains In Detail How The Next Shock Will Shatter The Global Economy

The eurozone is on a path into a deep recession. As one of the largest and most advanced economies in the world, its centrality to a system of highly-interconnected global supply chains…