Russia will deploy a new global intelligence radar system

Image Credit: RT

Russia completes the harmonization of the technical documentation and the project funding of the multiposition reconnaissance information system (MRIS), quoting a source in the Defense Ministry. Implementation of a new system of global intelligence, able to track planes and ships at a range of several thousand kilometers, will start in 2013.

Characteristics of MRIS are classified. The Principle of operation of the system is to search for different types of light aircraft and ships, giving them precise coordinates movement and tracking. MRIS will look for radiation on-board radar stations, signals radio height finders, GPS and GLONASS, heat and other forms of energy. MRIS can locate at great distances  air-crafts like the B-2 or F-22.

According to a source, the system can already monitor and classify some kinds of radiation, and its range may expand in the future. MRIS will be able to give, for example, target acquisition for precision-guided weapons. In this case, to detect the position of the most MRIS by air or space exploration impossible. It is expected that the system will be dual purpose.

The first tests of MRIS in Russia were held in 2009, when the operation of the system was debugged on planes and ships of the Russian Navy. In the tests, the post position in the suburbs MRIS detect and track different types of aircraft over the Barents Sea. Measurement accuracy was high – the deviation calculated from the actual rate was a few meters.

A similar project is now also deals with the British company BAE Systems. The project is called NAVSOP. This system is also kept secret. It can track aircraft, ships and light ground on towers and cellular, Wi-Fi hotspots, radio stations, television antennas and other radio sources.

Source: PLE