Parallel World of Finances (II)

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This way the United States shies away from anything but laconic statements saying the notes denominated in hundreds of millions or even a billion of dollars seized here and there around the world are all fakes. «It’s a piece of paper with something printed on it», Brian Leary, a spokesman for the U.S. Secret Service, said of the $1-billion bonds, which contained the image of President Wilson. He said the notes were of no value.

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Independent experts give rather detailed comments on it. They try to define the motivation for making the notes surface: some people may be trying to get rich, some may even be involved in attempts to undermine the US dollar-based financial system…Some say the notes are real, it’s just that the United States doesn’t want to pay. I think there is no smoke without fire. To my mind, the «fake notes» ballyhoo was planned, organized and raised by the CIA and other special services. Off and on they flood the world with huge numbers of fake notes to conceal the appearance of real ones, so that they could avoid payments. It took experts just a few weeks to establish the notes were masterfully counterfeited fakes. There are reference books that make it possible to know in just a few minutes the denomination of bonds issued this or that year by the Federal Reserve System or the Department of Treasury. Actually one doesn’t need reference books for that. In 1934 $1 billion denomination was not possible in theory. After the WWI till 1934 the US yearly expenditure was within the range of $2-4.6 billion. When Roosevelt took office and launched his «new deal», the expenditure went up. Still even in 1936 the figure was $8.2 billion. Those days budget deficits were measured in a few billions. That is just a few bonds would be enough to close the hole in the federal budget. Back then nobody could buy the bills denominated in such sums, even if they really wished to do it. But nobody did. Everyone needed cash to pay for military expenditure. Soon after coming to power, Hitler got a $1 billion loan from American banks. An unprecedented amount those days! It was equal to a «Morgenthau treasury bond». In view of dollar’s fall, today it would be denominated in at least $100 billion. Can you imagine anybody nowadays willing to buy such a note? And do it on one’s own accord?

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The matter is treasuries could be bought of one’s own volition or under the barrel of a gun. Actually a person with a gun wants property and is offering papers in return, so that it would look like a civilized deal, not a robbery. That’s what the whole contemporary world system is built on. Asia, Africa, Latin America provide the «golden billion» zone with oil, grain, foodstuffs, manufactured goods being offered worthless papers called currency reserves in return. The reserves may only grow; they cannot be spent on pain of death. The feeling of fear is instilled by bombers and the US Sixth operational fleet. Bombs and missiles are the most reliable backing for the dollar and US Treasury bonds. Before and during the war Hitler pumped in European resources by concluding clearing deals with many European countries, all going into red ink. Fuhrer never intended to redeem the debts; in his eyes those countries were Germany’s vassals.

The United States used the pre-war tensions to grab bigger slice in the form of gold and other assets that had been accumulated in the Celestial Empire for centuries. Chiang Kai-sheik, the leader of Kuomintang, controlled the major part of gold and other riches of the nation. Japan and American bankers laid envious eyes on the treasure. America was involved in a double game: It was pushing the «Land of the Rising Sun» to invade China while presenting itself as Chinese friend and defender. In particular they did Chiang Kai-sheik a favor by agreeing to store China’s gold and other assets. To make it all look decent the US bankers offered notes nominated in huge sums in return. Having no intent to redeem anything from the very start, they just didn’t care about denominations. Of course, the Chinese leader understood well what kind of service he was offered, but he had no choice and just couldn’t refuse. As a result he got notes denominated $100 billion each for the total amount of $25 billion. A sky high sum those days. In exchange the bankers got gold, silver, precious stones, artworks, antiques, jewellery. Of course, it was not 2 million tons as some experts say. According to some estimations, the monetary gold (standard bars) didn’t exceed 100 tons plus other precious assets. No doubt «the present» from China alleviated the aftermath of recession and facilitated the implementation of the Roosevelt’s «new deal» policy, as well as the preparations for war.

There are different stories concerning the conditions of the deal. My opinion is that the explanation offered by Arthur Stern, a German lawyer, is the most credible one. He extensively explored the issue. According to him, the notes were: a) payable to bearer, not nominal ones; b) the expiration date was prolonged for 30 years (that is the date was in 1964); c) the bearer had no right for advance payment (that is getting gold and assets back), but he was entitled to a 4% par value rent (or four million dollars for every note). It’s worth to mention, Chiang Kai-sheik was the only bearer and he never got a penny.

So, that’s what Arthur Stern tells. Stalin got the notes from Kuomintang. He understood there was no chance to get anything out of it and gave the securities to Hitler as a present. According to Stern, it was done right after the Treaty of Non-Aggression was concluded between Germany and the Soviet Union in 1939. Hitler tried to offer the notes to US bankers, but was flatly rebuffed. The notes were stored in the Reichsbank vaults till the end of war and then became a trophy captured by the Soviet army. Perhaps the Stern’s detective story should not be trusted much but he is right about the starting point: there is a genuine deal behind the 1934 «secret bonds. Then US Secretary Of Treasure Morgenthau Jr. and Bernard M. Baruch, a billionaire and an adviser to Presidents from Wilson to Hoover to Roosevelt, are the persons behind it.

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Are the 1934 bonds genuine or fake? They are both. The ones counterfeited in our days are fakes. There are ways to determine the fraud. Those denominated in $1 billion can be thrown straight to the dustbin. The correlation between fakes and genuine notes is 10 to 1 and the real ones had all been issued before the war. They are genuine because they had been issued by US bankers. But they are fakes being issued away from public eyes, the Congress and oversight agencies. In the accountant language they are called the out of balance sheets notes. They are fake because the American bankers had no intention to pay from the very start. Michael Chekulaev, a Russian expert on stock exchange and securities, says, «I held the bonds in my hands in 2000. I even tried to find a way to present them for payment or use them for mortgage or derivative deals. The bearer was a very respectable public organization… no way it could have been involved in counterfeiting. Moreover, neither the US Federal Reserve System, nor the US Department of Treasure said the notes were fake. At that, nobody wanted to discuss the issue – neither government officials, nor bankers or investors…»

Then Chekulaev offers the opinion of another expert who said the paper the securities were made of was real, but there was nothing in it. And it did smell badly. Of course, nobody ever tried to personally present the notes for payment – it’s simpler to organize the disappearance of the whole nation, not talking about individuals, than fulfill the liability and pay.

The Federal Reserve bonds exchange for assets was not just an ordinary commercial operation; it was rather a political, clandestine deal. Any clandestine deal has strong and weak points. A covert deal is backed by those who make it. And nothing else. If they bamboozle you, there is no one to complain to. Normally you can’t even try. Chiang Kai-sheik had nobody to step in for him. So he had to keep his mouth shut till the end of his life. Let’s go back to Arthur Stern, «Therefore, anyone had taken possession of these papers could receive money only if the sanction will be «owners» of the trust. That is, family members or attorneys Chiang Kai-shek. The inscription on the bank notes that it was issued to «bearer» – a formal and no practical does not matter. There was a nonsense in a secret deal, formally, from a legal perspective the significance of these securities guaranteed U.S. Federal Reserve System. Legally – it was a 100% authentic and bond certificates.But in fact, originally planned for the U.S. these securities payments other than Chiang Kai-shek and his attorneys. (I do not rule out that he and Chiang Kai-shek could also get nothing, if Stalin had not selected the trust. Chang Kai-shek had no one to complain if the return is not gold. He knew about it. Therefore, all his actions may constitute clear: high treason. Chairman of the Kuomintang stole priceless and unique treasure of the country in accordance with their personal, selfish plans)». 


1. The US Federal Reserve System bankers are dry behind the ears in plundering other nations. The method is the same – exchanging real resources, goods, assets for pieces of paper, call it Federal Reserve bonds, US Treasury loan securities or US dollar bills…etc. The issuer never intends to redeem bonds. Formally the US Department of Treasury or Reserve banks could be an issuer. Doesn’t matter. It’s still the very same people who are behind them – the bankers seizing natural resources, gold and other treasures of other nations…

2. The very understanding that there are visible and invisible worlds allows to see through many mysteries of world politics and affairs. I agree with German expert Arthur Stern that it changes the vision of the WWII history and the postwar world order.

3. It should be expected the Federal Reserve bankers will do their best to avoid payments. They will flood the world with false bills denominated in fabulous sums to make people believe all such securities are fakes. They will use special services to find bearers of real Federal Reserve notes in order to neutralize them. In the language of special services neutralization means murder. Or they may be buying notes out for a token sum (say 1% of the nominal sum). The way the Federal Reserve System and the Central Intelligence Agency tackle the issue of «secret bonds» is a bright example of close collusion between money lenders and «knights of cloak and dagger». The efforts aimed at neutralization of «secret» bonds bearers is part of broader scale activities aimed at evading the global responsibility and obligations. The strategic goal of the campaign is to devalue all liabilities of the US Federal Reserve System and US Department of Treasury by flooding the world financial system with the FRS production in the form of dollar bills.