Security researcher Charlie Miller holds two automobile electronic control module circuit boards while posing in his home-office in Wildwood, Missouri

Silicon Valley Doesn’t Just Help the Surveillance State—It Built It

More than a decade ago, CIA Director Michael Hayden began enlisting the private sector to build the NSA’s data ops.   Some of America’s biggest social media and tech companies…


Snooping states: NSA not alone in spying on citizens

From Canada to India, democracies worldwide employ new technology to monitor their citizens. Confidential documents leaked to the press by Edward Snowden revealing the National Security Agency’s (NSA) PRISM – a program which scoops…


Lost in migration: Earth’s magnetic field overdue a flip

The discovery by NASA rover Curiosity of evidence that water once flowed on Mars – the most Earth-like planet in the solar system – should intensify interest in what the…

Justice Gavel

Venezuela goes for Ban on GM Seeds

The new legislation would protect small and medium producers, favour the use of seeds for the environment and human health, and the creation of an institution working on the topic….


US drone attacks controlled from military bases in Germany

US military sites in Germany are playing a key role in the use of American combat drones to target the killing of people in Africa. According to reports from the Süddeutsche…

Extreme Tech

Harvard creates cyborg flesh that’s half man, half machine

Bioengineers at Harvard University have created the first examples of cyborg tissue: Neurons, heart cells, muscle, and blood vessels that are interwoven by nanowires and transistors. These cyborg tissues are…

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American drone base in India? Pentagon plans use of Port Blair as possible site in case of offensive against China

  Port Blair might not be anything more than a vacation spot for most Indians, but a new Pentagon-commissioned report seeks to turn it into something radically different: a base…


Leonardo da Vinci was right all along, new medical scans show

He has long been praised as one of the finest artists of the Renaissance, working far ahead of his time and producing some of the world’s most recognisable works. But…


Finally! Independent Testing Of Rossi’s E-Cat Cold Fusion Device: Maybe The World Will Change After All

Back in October 2011 I first wroteabout Italian engineer, Andrea Rossi, and his E-Cat project, a device that produces heat through a process called a Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR). Very…

The Sydney Morning Herald

Aussie scientists print flexible solar panels

Australian scientists have found a way to print large but extremely lightweight and flexible solar panels like money. World-leading scientists at the CSIRO said the A3-sized panels, which are created…


Google Buys a Quantum Computer

Google and NASA are forming a laboratory to study artificial intelligence by means of computers that use the unusual properties of quantum physics. Their quantum computer, which performs complex calculations…


Scientists Create First Cloned Human Embryo

  Scientists have made an embryonic clone of a person, using DNA from that person’s skin cells. In the future, such a clone could be a source of stem cells,…


Soon, Solar Panels as Cheap as Paint: Plasmonic-Enhanced Organic Photovoltaic Materials

One of the more promising efforts, which Gan is working on, involves the use of plasmonic-enhanced organic photovoltaic materials. The cost to manufacture, install and maintain solar panels is so…


China Is Transforming Tibet’s Holiest Area Into A Tourist District

  China is transforming the ancient part of Tibet’s capital into a tourist district according to a visiting native of the area, Amy Li of the South China Morning Post reports….


Quantum Network Secretly Running for 2 Years

  A national laboratory has been running a quantum network that could make perfectly secure Internet communications a reality. Though the new technology, described May 1 in the preprint journal…