George Soros Plundered Russia for Illuminati

Synopsis of Oleg Platonov, “Russia’s Crown of Thorns- Secret History of Freemasonry 1731-1996,” (1996) Part 3

by “Sonja” in Moscow 

Masonic financial frauds

George Soros was the brains behind every big financial fraud completed in Russia in the 90s. He was behind many Russian political functionaries – Chubais, Gaidar, Burbulis and others, who were key figures of so-called privatization which resulted in the transfer into the ownership of international financial swindlers of the biggest part of Russian national properties.

Five hundred privatized Russian enterprises with the real cost of 200 billion dollars were bargained away for as little as 7,2 billion dollars and became legal properties of foreign companies and front structures.

In mid 90s, the Soros Fund took a series of steps aimed at destruction of the Russian economy. American experts say that the ruble crash on 11 October, 1994 (aka Black Tuesday) happened due to Soros Fund’s machinations.

They note that by the beginning of summer 1994 the Soros Fund purchased shares of a number of Russian enterprises at a sum of 10 million dollars. At the end of summer 1994 with shares cost increasing dramatically, Soros sold them. His resulting profit amounted to 400 million dollars. At the end of September 1994, Soros started to exchange rubles for dollars and this caused skyrocketing dollar rate, the devaluation of Russian currency, collapse of financial system and rapid bankruptcy of many Russian enterprises.

Another operation that devastated the Russian economy was outrageous manipulation with GKO (in Russian – national monetary obligations). In 1992-1993 Soros acted as a permanent adviser to the Russian President and government and he initiated the GKO pyramid. Holders of GKO received a big income that was not supported by real money. The income was ensured by the compulsory intrusion of GKO papers to Russian enterprises and financial institutions. GKO operations were favored by Chernomyrdin (Prime Minister), Chubais (Minister of Energetics), Livshits (Minister of Finance) and others. Within a few years, the enterprises able to buy GKO papers were exhausted and the collapse of GKO pyramid was looming. Soros who invested lots of money into GKO, was the first to foresee it.

In spring-summer Soros, his dealers and top bureaucrats get rid of their GKO papers through front companies, stimulating the drop of GKO value. Experts say that over 700 Russian functionaries (including political leaders) participated in this fraud. On August 17 – the day of default – many of them sold their GKO papers at a high rate for IMF money, thus transferring billions of dollars to their personal accounts in western banks and leaving useless GKO papers in the state treasury. On August 17 the government refuses to pay the GKO percent. Banks and companies that accumulated a big amount of GKO papers experienced a catastrophic shock which caused a threefold ruble devaluation, skyrocketing prices and bankruptcy of enterprises.  As foreign banks and investors had also acquired GKO papers due to their high income, they suffered either. Low financial prestige of Russia fell to the ground.

G.Burbulis (Eltsin’s assistant) was one of key-figures in GKO fraud and did not conceal that the biggest part of his fortune was made through securities manipulations. He also had tight connections with other financial swindlers both Russian and foreign – such as M.Rich (Mossad agent and drug-dealer) and Urinsons brothers and he is admitted to have conducted illegal transactions with weapons. Burbulis was a mediator between Eltsin and Rich in procurement of oil delivery export licenses, which brought huge income.

Chubais’s business is directly connected with Soros’s financial manipulations. He also shared interests with Bonde-Nilsen – major mason, owner of ship constructing company, who was found guilty of business frauds and was sued. Chubais is well-known for many other big financial manipulations in Russia.



Almost all of major Russian Masons made huge personal fortunes on grievances and devastation of our country. According to information given in the press the following were especially successful:

Commander of Maltese Order B.Berezovsky ( personal fortune over 1 billion dollars)

Member of Bnai-Brith and Rotary Club B.Gusinsky (not less than 800 billion dollars)

Trilateral Commission Advisers B.Chernomyrdin and R.Vyahirev (around 1 billion each)

Member of Rotary club Yu.Luzhkov (mayor of Moscow) (300-400 million dollars)

According to information published in Italian and American newspapers in August-September 1999, the biggest part of IMF loans (not less than 15 billion dollars) were stolen by Commander of Maltese Order B.Eltsin (Yeltsin), his daughter and their milieu (A.Chubais, A.Livshits, O.Soskovets, B.Potanin). This money went through offshore zones created specifically for their needs (in Cyprus, Gibraltar and Zurich). One of the major transit zones in this financial fraud was The Bank of New-York (its four top executives being Freemasons). Considerable part of stolen money was invested in securities of American corporations. Khodorkovsky (head of Ukos oil-company and head Menatep Bank. Currently in jail) was likely to participate in the fraud. By the way his name was included in the of 200 representatives whose activity will influence the course of history in the third century.

Forces of international Freemasonry are dangerous for human civilization – they are super-rich, powerful and aspiring for absolute power. They are capable of any crime at all. Events that continue to happen in Russia are vivid example of that.

Purpose of Russia’s Extermination

In late 90s the world’s Masonic elite began to openly proclaim the coming NWO. They were sure that by the year 2000, the world government would control and direct all aspects of humanity’s life including religion. Russia’s role in the NWO is “a reservoir of natural and energy resources”.

The world government is not concerned with the future of Russian people. Russia is considered as “strategic territory” (Brzezinski) or “the place containing enormous part of planet’s resources”(Rockefeller). “The less people inhabit Russia the more available it will become for the West” (Brzezinski).

There have been different plans as to Russia’a break-up: three, six and seven parts.

But the major strategic line of the world’s elite in respect to Russia is maintaining the country in destabilized condition AND cooperation with destructive political, economic and national processes.

Madelaine Albright said at the conference of Russian-American business cooperation: “US goal is to control the consequences of the Soviet break-up and support for Russian while they continue to move in the same direction”.

In his book “The Great Chessboard” Brzezinsky formulates the long-term geopolitical strategy of the world’s elite, US establishment being its core. This strategy envisages complete extermination of Russia on its historical European part (till The Urals), ousting Russians (as well as Ukranians and Belorussians) into remote regions of Siberia and using them as a labour force for mining operations.

In his complicated Judo-Masonic language Bzresinsky maintains the following idea:

Russia is not liable for transformation into a “western democracy” due to its specific spiritual characteristics. Russia is a ‘black hole” hostile to the West. That’s why it has to be destroyed.

Brzezinski accuses Elstin and his team of corruption and doesn’t believe that his followers will be different. Brzezinski was scandalized that the money donated by IMF for “transformation into a western type” have been stolen by Russian leaders and transferred to their personal bank accounts. On the other hand Bzrezinsky doesn’t intend to sue Eltsin and his team and thinks their corruption is innate feature typical for any Russian person. He proposes to get rid of Russia once and for all – of Russia as a geographic, political, spiritual phenomenon, splitting it up into several puppet states and transferring part of its territory to EU, Turkey, Japan and China.

One of the major tasks of the world’s elite is to destroy national governments and establishing in their place Judo-Masonic ruling regimes. For the past 150 years all western European countries have lost their national governments and are now ruled by cosmopolitan Masonic elites, whose interests are far from majority of ordinary Germans, French, British and other western Europeans. The elections show of two or three parties (the same in their essence) is cover-up for the cruelest dictatorship of the secret world government and international Jewish capital.

Military actions in Yugoslavia

Plans of military aggression in Eastern Europe were developed at meetings of the International Affairs Counsel and Trilateral Commission. These institutions made a decision to punish the Serbs for their disobedience to the world’s elite rules. The Serbs’ major guilt is pursuing national interests and attempts to maintain national integrity and Orthodox religion. The Serbs were the only European people who managed to keep national government that opposed the world’s elite dictatorship.

Military actions in Yugoslavia were a big move in establishing the NWO. Millions of people suffered and tens of thousand got killed during multiple bombardments. It’s important to note that the weapons used in Yugoslavia were those forbidden by international conventions. The economy of the country was destroyed.

Invasion of NATO troops was an action aimed at gradual devastation of the country and the following transfer of its territories to neighboring states.

G.Soros, one of the NWO leaders said a month after the bombardments that the Balkans should go under the protection of the European Counsel. As a result of reconstruction the region would be divided into Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro. This operation was a sort of a test-drive for Russia’s reconstruction. Secret support of anti-Russian gangs in Chechnya, Dagestan and other southern region in Russia as well as CIA sponsored Taliban aim at tearing away rich in oil Russian territories rich and assigning to this region a role of Russian Kosovo.

Freemasonry is a criminal community

Freemasonry in every aspect is a secret criminal community. Its goal is to achieve international dictatorship based on Judaist doctrine of “Chosen People”.

Russian Orthodox Church always condemned Freemasonry as a form of Satanism.

Freemasons have always been the evil enemy of humanity, still more dangerous as they tried to cover-up their criminal activities with a veil of deceitful arguments about spiritual growth and charity. Yet awful crimes committed by Freemasons put them outside of law. In many countries Masonic Lodges have been constantly prohibited.

1725 – prohibition of Freemasonry in France.

1738 – prohibition in Holland and Sweden.

1740 – Spanish King Phillip V issues a regulation against Freemasons.

1748 – prohibited in Turkey

1740 – prohibited in Malta

1801 – Emperor Francisco II prohibits Freemasonry in Austria

1823 – prohibited in Portugal.

Notwithstanding prohibitions Masonic ideology expanded. Masonic influence was behind all wars, revolutions and cataclysms of 18-20 centuries.

By the end of 19th century Freemasons influenced directly the policy of western European countries, playing a key role in governments and parliaments.

The stronghold of modern Freemasonry are the United States of America. US is believed to be “the great Masonic super-power”. Its government and top officials are members of Masonic Lodges.

Here is the list of military operations performed by US and based on Masonic principles:

1945 – A-bomb blasts in Hiroshima and Nagasaki

1948-1953 – punitive operations against the Philippines people

1950-1953 – military invasion in Korea. Hundreds of thousands of Koreans perished.

1964 – 1973 – punitive operations in Laos. Thousands of victims.

1964 – bloody suppression of Panama national forces, demanding the return of their rights in Panama straight.

1965-1973 – military aggression in Vietnam. Over 500 thousand Vietnamese perished. In Hitler-style peaceful villages were destroyed and burned to the ground. Mass murder of women and children.

1970 – aggression against Cambodia. Multiple victims of peaceful citizens.

1982 – 1983 – act of terrorism against Lebanon.

1983 – military invasion in Grenada. Hundreds of victims.

1986 – treacherous invasion in Libya.

1989 – military invasion in Panama.

1991 – large scale military operation against Iraq. Not less than 150 hundred thousand citizens perished.

1992-1993 – military operation in Somali. Murder of peaceful citizens.

1999 – aggression against Yugoslavia, thousands of victims, hundreds of thousands of refugees.

These are open military actions. Also US was largely involved in silent wars against Salvador, Cuba, Afghanistan, Iran, where they investing huge sums of money to support pro-American puppet regimes.

Total of victims perished as a result of Masonic US Presidents decrees during 1948-1999 amounts to more than a million people (not including injured and destitute ones).

Actions of US Presidents must be brought to international military tribunal and Masonic Lodges of all types must be given the status of fascist organizations and strictly prohibited.

In Russia, Masonic Lodges were prohibited three times by special Tsarist decrees. The last prohibition had existed till 1917.

Despite the prohibition Masonic Lodges functioned secretly. Signs of their activity can be traced  in 19th and 20th centuries (even during the Soviet rule). Gorbachev’s and Eltsin’s decrees legalized Freemasonry in Russia. Masonic organizations seriously threaten the future of Russia.