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World Population May Actually Be Declining, Not Exploding

About That Overpopulation Problem Research suggests we may actually face a declining world population in the coming years. The world’s seemingly relentless march toward overpopulation achieved a notable milestone in 2012: Somewhere…


McDonald’s McRib Sandwich a Franken Creation of GMOs, Toxic Ingredients, Banned Ingredients

  It’s ‘McRib season’, and thousands across the nation are scrambling to use online websites like the ‘McRib locator‘ to stuff the McDonald’s McRib sandwich down their throats. A sandwich…


The Global Food Economy: Peak Food, Social Unrest, And Bailed-Out Credit-Junkies

  Beginning with Malthus’ warning to the world and the Great Irish famine, David McWilliams (of Punk Economics) provides his typically succinct, profoundly fascinating, and graphically pleasing insights on the…

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GM food labelling comes into force in India but it is not explicit

  On New Year’s day, India joined a select band of countries where food containing genetically modified (GM) content must be labelled as such. But it has done so without…


Poland becomes eighth EU country to ban Monsanto maize

  As a result of bans on cultivation of genetically modified crops, that were introduced by the government today, from January 28 2013, planting GMO crops will not be allowed….


Genetic Engineering and the GMO Industry: Corporate Hijacking of Food and Agriculture

“I recognized my two selves: a crusading idealist and a cold, granitic believer in the law of the jungle” – Edgar Monsanto Queeny, Monsanto chairman, 1943-63, “The Spirit of Enterprise”,…


China Pouring Fake Drugs Into Africa, Endangering Millions

Though China is increasingly becoming the most visible and active foreign presence on the African continent, there is a downside, as revealed by a recent expose in the UK’s The…


Everything Petroleum Does, Hemp Does Better

We are in an economic crisis. But don’t panic, there are always good things that come out of crises. It’s all a matter of being aware, being ready, and being…


Mainstream media avoiding any mention of link between psychiatric drugs and violent shootings

Whether it’s because most members of the mainstream media are simply oblivious to the effects of psychotropic drugs, whether it’s a biased political agenda, laziness or a combination of all…


The World’s First 100% Organic Nation?

  The tiny Himalayan country of Bhutan serves as home to just 738,000 people—about the population of Alaska. But this tiny landlocked nation is on track to make one of…


U.N. Drops Out Of Polio Vaccinations In Pakistan Following Shootings

Clarification at 7:32 p.m. ET: Vaccination Campaign Not Suspended: The U.N. has halted its participation in a Pakistani-run polio vaccination program following attacks on health care workers. Lack of U.N….

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Marijuana Business: Will Cigarette Makers Jump Into Pot Market?

Will the Marlboro Man light up a joint soon? The states of Washington and Colorado legalized possession of small amounts of recreational marijuana in the November elections, but it is…


U.S. depleted uranium casts horrific shadow on Iraq’s newborns

American ammunitions may be the reason behind the mounting number of babies born with birth defects in Iraq, a study revealed on Tuesday. Accounts of children being born with cancer…


Scientists in China Fired For Secretly Testing GMO Rice on Children

  Three scientists in China were fired for ethics violations last week, months after a Greenpeace report accused them of secretly testing genetically modified rice on schoolchildren. The tests were…


The Secret History of the War on Cancer

For many years, I have explained to questioning family members and friends why I cannot support conventional cancer-fighting fundraising campaigns. I am not completely against conventional medical treatment options for different types…