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Differentiating mouse embryonic stem cells (green = mesoderm progenitor cells, red = endoderm progenitor cells). The microRNAs identified in this study block endoderm formation, while enhancing mesoderm formation. (Credit: Image courtesy of Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute)

Credit: Science Daily

‘Junk DNA’ Drives Embryonic Development

An embryo is an amazing thing. From just one initial cell, an entire living, breathing body emerges, full of working cells and organs. It comes as no surprise that embryonic…

Collection of galaxies: the Perseus cluster is around 250 million light years away from Earth. The NGC 1277 member galaxy (arrow) appears comparatively compact.

(Photo Credit: David W. Hogg, Michael Blanton and the SDSS Collaboration)

Black Hole Upsets Galaxy Models

A group headed by Remco van den Bosch from the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy has discovered a black hole that shakes the foundations of current models of galaxy evolution….

magnetic-portals (1)

NASA Announces That Magnetic Portals Do Exist!

Star-gates, magnetic portals, vortexes in space: Science fiction writers have given the concept of extraordinary openings in space/time all sorts of names to explain how travelers from far distant realms of…


Vortex At South Pole Of Titan Reverses Unexpectedly

Data from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft tie a shift in seasonal sunlight to a wholesale reversal, at unexpected altitudes, in the circulation of the atmosphere of Saturn’s moon Titan. At the…


Earth’s orbit tilted by lost star, new theory suggests

A new theory the suggests that one young star may yank another’s developing solar system has shed light on a long-standing puzzle – why Earth’s orbit is tipped 7 degree…


Biggest Planet Ever Found: Astronomers Directly Image Massive Star’s ‘Super-Jupiter’

Astronomers using infrared data from the Subaru Telescope in Hawaii have discovered a “super-Jupiter” around the bright star Kappa Andromedae, which now holds the record for the most massive star…

GOING ROGUE: This artist's impression shows the free-floating planet CFBDSIR2149, at 100 light-years away the closest such "rogue" world to our own solar system. It does not orbit a star and hence does not shine by reflected light; the faint glow it emits can only be detected in infrared light.

Image: ESO/L. Calçada/P. Delorme/Nick Risinger ( Saito/VVV Consortium

“Orphan” Alien Planet Found Nearby without Parent Star

The massive exoplanet, which is likely four to seven times the size of Jupiter, is just 100 light-years from Earth Astronomers have discovered a potential “rogue” alien planet wandering alone…


Near-death experiences occur when the soul leaves the nervous system and enters the universe, claim two quantum physics experts

A near-death experience happens when quantum substances which form the soul leave the nervous system and enter the universe at large, according to a remarkable theory proposed by two eminent…


Electric Universe: Frozen Fires

The Chandra X-ray Telescope has puzzled astronomers with the discovery of abnormally high temperatures at the core of the Milky Way. A news release announcing this image of the center of the…


The Strange Case Of Solar Flares And Radioactive Elements

It’s a mystery that presented itself unexpectedly: The radioactive decay of some elements sitting quietly in laboratories on Earth seemed to be influenced by activities inside the sun, 93 million…


Ten Most Extreme Substances Known To Man

10. The Darkest Substance Known to Man What do you get when you stack carbon nanotubes on their ends and sandwich them together? A material that absorbs 99.9% of the…


Space Mirrors

Space mirrors are a simple, fascinating technology which can give humans access to massive, base load power flows. In the long-run, they can provide virtually endless, clean power to mankind…


Man-Made Global Warming is a Hoax

We’ve pretty much forgotten about global warming as an issue ever since Obama failed to pass his Cap & Trade bill.  As a result, we’re becoming complacent once again about the huge…


DNA: The Cosmic Serpent

Some biologists describe DNA as an “ancient high biotechnology,” containing “over a hundred trillion times as much information by volume as our most sophisticated information storage devices.” Could one still…


Milky Way’s Birkeland Current Falsifies “Black Hole” Assumption

Anatomy of the Milky Way core At present, we find ourselves in the unsatisfying position of having remarkable new observational insight into the nature of the galactic center but lacking…