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China Is Transforming Tibet’s Holiest Area Into A Tourist District

  China is transforming the ancient part of Tibet’s capital into a tourist district according to a visiting native of the area, Amy Li of the South China Morning Post reports….

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Report: Russia to Sell Syria Advanced Missiles, Keep Assad Going

Israel has warned the United States that Russia plans to sell advanced weapons to Syria, a report in the Wall Street Journal Thursday said. The deal is set to take place in…

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The Bangladesh factory collapse and the drive for profit

More than 300 people are dead, mainly garment workers, and many more are injured following the collapse of the eight-storey Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh this week. The tragedy is…

Reports detail CIA war crimes in Pakistan

A series of recent articles by journalist Mark Mazzetti published in the New York Times have shed further light on the activities of the US Central Intelligence Agency in Pakistan. Mazzetti’s articles…


Korean Unification: Do Not Be Surprised If It Comes Soon

The most significant geopolitical events of the past half century have been unanticipated. Not that we did not expect them, but they were supposed to happen in the distant future,…


Are Syria and Pakistan Pieces of the Puzzle for a Mega Gas Pipeline to China?

If the Iran-Iraq-Syria Pipeline and Iran-Pakistan Pipeline are connected and end up supplying China, it will amount to a major blow against the primacy of the United States. The conflict…


Iran Considers “Annexing” Azerbaijan

A group of Iranian lawmakers has begun drafting a bill on reattaching Azerbaijan to Iran by updating the terms and conditions of a 19th century treaty that ceded part of…


Reports Say Pakistani Spy Agency ISI Secretly Collaborated In CIA Drone War

  Investigative journalists working out of Washington and Islamabad are making claims of secret collaborations between the CIA and Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) spy agency as part of a covert…


Israel’s fake rocks spy on Russian naval movements

  Israeli spying equipment has been found hidden in artificial rocks on an uninhabited island opposite the Syrian port of Tartus, where it was being used to monitor Russian naval…


India, Egypt sign seven pacts including one on Cyber-Security

In a bid to deepen ties and strengthen economic bonds, India and Egypt on Tuesday signed seven key pacts including one on cyber security after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and…


The Qatari Project: “Destroying Saudi Arabia”

  The events of the Arab Spring and the variables that have happened in Iraq after invading it in 2003, which led to the fall of the dictatorial rulers, caused…


‘Jihadis’ of Indian & Russian origin fighting in Syria against Assad

Militants from Russia’s North Caucasus join “jihad” in Syria Flanked by almost 20 men with rifles, Omar Abu al-Chechen kneels on a carpet and delivers a rousing speech urging fellow…


U.S. And China Come Together For Joint Naval Exercises With Pakistan

The United States and China recently kicked off a joint counter-piracy naval exercise near Pakistan in what is quickly becoming the most bizarre relationship between two nations in recent history….


Russia Fears Its Troops Will Riot if Cigarette Rations End

Russia’s new defense minister wants to extinguish one of the Russian military’s most endemic health problems and martial perks: giving free cigarettes to troops. His challenge is to prevent nicotine-deprived…

Pakistan Troubled Taliban

How will India respond to civil war in Pakistan?

In 1971, India intervened militarily on behalf of Bengalis in the civil war in East Pakistan, dividing the country in two and helping to create Bangladesh. In 2013, prospects of…