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Malaysian Airlines MH370 Mystery – Hidden in Plain Sight since 9/11

Malaysian Airlines MH370 Mystery – Hidden in Plain Sight How can an entire Boeing 777-200ER vanish from military radars of several countries and become invisible to people – who can…


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Exposed

The Gates Foundation’s Hypocritical Investments ExxonMobil, Walmart, and McDonald’s are just a few of the companies that the mega-charity supports. Source: Mother Jones With an endowment larger than all but four of the…


Corporations Want a Piece of the Moon

  Corporations are interested in partnering with NASA for lunar and other deep-space initiatives, but will want property rights in exchange, a NASA-commissioned report released on Tuesday shows. The U.S….

Security researcher Charlie Miller holds two automobile electronic control module circuit boards while posing in his home-office in Wildwood, Missouri

Silicon Valley Doesn’t Just Help the Surveillance State—It Built It

More than a decade ago, CIA Director Michael Hayden began enlisting the private sector to build the NSA’s data ops.   Some of America’s biggest social media and tech companies…

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The Bangladesh factory collapse and the drive for profit

More than 300 people are dead, mainly garment workers, and many more are injured following the collapse of the eight-storey Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh this week. The tragedy is…


Nestlé is Trying to Patent the Fennel Flower

Nigella sativa — more commonly known as fennel flower — has been used as a cure-all remedy for over a thousand years. It treats everything from vomiting to fevers to…

Firefighter conduct search and rescue of an apartment destroyed by an explosion at a fertilizer plant in West, Texas

Credit: WSJ

Before the Blast, West Fertilizer’s Monsanto Lawsuit

As details emerge about the Texas fertilizer plant that was the site of Wednesday’s fatal explosion and fire, a few tidbits can be gleaned from a 2007 lawsuit that the plant’s…


Monsanto announces huge profits despite public backlash

Amid widespread protests against the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’, the biotech giant has reported a 22 percent increase in net profits – an announcement that may spark further outrage about the…

Indian- made cancer drug displayed in Bhopal

Key Victory for Generic Drugs: Indian Supreme Court Rejects Novartis Patent

India’s Supreme Court rejected a patent application by Novartis for a major cancer drug on Monday, in a landmark ruling that will permit poor patients continued access to many of…


“Prisons are Big Business”: The Prison-Industrial Complex and the Global Economy

  Over 1.8 million people are currently behind bars in the United States. This represents the highest per capita incarceration rate in the history of the world. In 1995 alone,…

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Lockheed Martin Harnesses Quantum Technology

  Our digital age is all about bits, those precise ones and zeros that are the stuff of modern computer code. But a powerful new type of computer that is…


Former CEO reveals Blackwater worked as ‘virtual extension of the CIA’

The mercenary group formerly known as Blackwater worked as a “virtual extension of the CIA,” the company’s former CEO revealed to Daily Beast reporter Eli Lake, who obtained court documents showing…


10 Companies Profiting The Most From War

The business of war is profitable. In 2011, the 100 largest contractors sold $410 billion in arms and military services. Just 10 of those companies sold over $208 billion. Based…


The Chocolate Wars: A Bitter Tale of Greed and Child Slavery

One wonders with a title as ‘provocative’ as this, what’s to follow; regrettably, nothing more than a truthful and bitter tale of greed and child slave-labour, mainly because of what…

Ex-head of BAE Systems is found to have secertly acquired two luxury flats from Saudi companies.'

Press TV

UK arms chief caught in secret deal with Saudis

The Former head of Britain’s biggest arms manufacturer BAE Systems is found to have secretly acquired two luxury penthouses from companies linked to Saudi royals brokering a multibillion-pound defence deal…