300 Baloch insurgents being trained in Afghanistan: report

Credit: Dunya News

Credit: Dunya News

At least three hundred Baloch insurgents are getting training across the border to spread unrest in Pakistan, a report stated.


According to Daily Dunya, Pakistani intelligence officials handed over a secret list to Central Investigation Agency (CIA) during a meeting in Washington.


The report published by Rauf Klasra states that insurgents are getting $300 a month as their salary.


It was also mentioned in the report that United States and NATO forces are taking care of Afghan security, thus, they will be held responsible if insurgents from across the border carry out attacks inside Pakistan.


On the other hand, the US officials have rejected Pakistan s report, saying that no such training camps exist in Afghanistan.


In response, the officials have directed the authorities in Quetta to recheck the names and asked for more evidence in this regard.

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