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Questioning the HIV-AIDS hypothesis: 30 years of dissent

Patricia Goodson* Department of Health & Kinesiology, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, USA LINK TO ORIGINAL JOURNAL Since 1984, when the hypothesis that HIV-causes-AIDS was announced, many scholars have…


The Ebola Test’s Inventor Says The Test Is Unreliable

The Ebola test: let the test’s inventor speak Amidst the hysteria about Ebola, one stubborn fact sits like a rock: everything depends upon being able to accurately diagnose Ebola in…

U.S. Navy Seals Prepare For Night Mission In Fallajah

The Black Budget Report: An Investigation into the CIA’s ‘Black Budget’ and the Second Manhattan Project

  ABSTRACT This report examines the existence of a CIA ‘black budget’ and an extensive network of ‘deep black projects’ that it funds. The report identifies the legal framework established…