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A Kachin soldier mans a frontline position near Laiza. Pic: AP.

Burma ‘using Chinese airspace’ as fighting nears Kachin HQ

There is now enough video and photo evidence to confirm that the Burmese military has deployed fighter jets and helicopters close to its border with China to use against the…


Russia beats Saudi to emerge as world’s biggest oil producer in 2012

Rosneft reported one of the largest rises in crude output among the Russian oil majors last year More crude from state-owned top producer Rosneft kept Russian oil output the highest…


How Colombian drug traffickers used HSBC to launder money

It looked like a bust of another nexus of drug traffickers and money launderers, with mainly small-time operatives paying the price for their crimes. One of the men was Julio Chaparro, a…


Indian Women Turn to Guns After Gang Rape Outcry

  Women in Delhi are rushing to apply for gun licenses in the aftermath of the gang rape and murder of a 23-year-old medical student who died in hospital last…

Credit: Dunya News

300 Baloch insurgents being trained in Afghanistan: report

At least three hundred Baloch insurgents are getting training across the border to spread unrest in Pakistan, a report stated.   According to Daily Dunya, Pakistani intelligence officials handed over…


Russia’s hand exposed: Spying Imams and mosque plots reveal Chechen link to Syria

With the crisis in Syria seemingly never ending, the question of Russia’s influence in the world has resurfaced. The former Soviet state has been playing its hand in the Arab world with an eye to widening…

An overhead view of the excavation site (Skyview/Israeli Antiquities Authority)

Credit: Yahoo! News

2,750-year-old temple discovered in Israel

Israeli archeologists have discovered the remains of an ancient temple that is nearly 3,000 years oldand was once home to a ritual cult. “The ritual building at Tel Motza is an…


NATO models Syria plot after Hitler’s rape of Czechoslovakia

In the annals of international criminal aggression, the destabilization, dismemberment, and ultimate annihilation of independent Czechoslovakia in 1938 and 1939 by Hitler’s Nazi regime has come to occupy a place…


Japan’s ‘Ikaros’ solar sail gets Guinness World Records entry

Ikaros, a Japanese probe launched in 2010, has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the first interplanetary solar sail spacecraft. It was developed by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency….


David Rockefeller and the Looting of Iran

“In 1983 the CIA and British MI6 supplied a long list of Tudeh Party members to Khomeini.  The Ayatollah unleashed a reign of terror against the left; assassinating, torturing and…


Jagjit Singh Chauhan: The British Agent Behind The Khalistan Separatist Movement in India

Jagjit Singh Chauhan: Profile of a British agent EIR had the opportunity to talk recently in Europe with Dr. Jagjit Singh Chauhan, the self-appointed “leader” of the Khalistan movement. Chauhan…