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Image: Press TV

US building bunker fortress to hide Israeli nukes, bio war labs

The project is one of several, moving Israel underground, safe from prying eyes of what is now clearly deep suspicion by “old friends” and genuine outrage by most of the…


Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Globalist Plan for Africa and the Middle East

On Sunday, Breitbart had the following to say about Morsi and his dictatorship in Egypt: Yesterday, Obama-approved Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood president Mohammed Morsi declared that he would have a referendum on December…


Convergence: Globalists Push Russia-EU Merger

An op-ed column appearing in the November 25, 2012 Gulf News, entitled, “Need for Europe-Russia institutional integration,” by former Russian Foreign Minister Igor S. Ivanov (pictured) is one of the latest globalist paeans…

Image: StratRisks

Dangerous moves in the East China Sea could bring Japan, China to armed conflict

The Japanese surveillance plane is an hour into its flight when it spots the first Chinese flags of the day, red banners atop a quartet of fishing boats deep in…


Israel to use drones in Azerbaijan for possible Iran strike

Israel plans to use unmanned drones it deployed in Azerbaijan to preemptively strike Iranian missile sites in the event of a war, the London-based Sunday Times reported. The report comes…

Image Credit: RT

Russia will deploy a new global intelligence radar system

Russia completes the harmonization of the technical documentation and the project funding of the multiposition reconnaissance information system (MRIS), quoting a source in the Defense Ministry. Implementation of a new…

Image Credit: SABAH

Nato Makes Inroads To Middle East, Establishes Command Center

The Allied Land Command in İzmir, which is part of NATO’s new command structure, will begin operating today. The İzmir base, which will act as the Alliance’s sole Land Forces…


Iranians (and Americans) Use Bitcoin to Fight Government Control

Thanks to U.S. sanctions, dollars are scarce in Iran. Enter Bitcoin, the handy-dandy stateless peer-to-peer crypto currency! Iranians are using the hard-to-trace digital currency (which can be exchanged for dollars) to buy things…

Collection of galaxies: the Perseus cluster is around 250 million light years away from Earth. The NGC 1277 member galaxy (arrow) appears comparatively compact.

(Photo Credit: David W. Hogg, Michael Blanton and the SDSS Collaboration)

Black Hole Upsets Galaxy Models

A group headed by Remco van den Bosch from the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy has discovered a black hole that shakes the foundations of current models of galaxy evolution….

human_brain (1)

Spaun, simulated human brain built by Canadian scientists, thinks like a human

Scientists at the University of Waterloo inCanada have built a computer simulation of a functioning human brain that can recognize lists of numbers and write them down, do simple math problems…