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Syria’s ancient ruins lost forever? A survey of the wreckage

The destruction of people is ever present in modern day Syria where lives are lost at the rate of hundreds per day. But on top of the loss of human…


The Mysterious Metal Plates Found Under The Grasdorf Crop Circle

From “The Cosmic Connection”, by Michael Hesemann, pg 52: “22nd July, Grasdorf, near Hildesheim, Lower Saxony: The largest and most complicated German pictogram was discovered by early-morning joggers on 23rd…


“Full Bloom” Civilizations

According to the evolutionary theory, more advanced civilizations develop from primitive. However, archaeologists have been puzzled by civilizations that have appeared “full bloom” – very advanced, with no precursor civilizations….


9,500-Year-Old City Found Underwater Off India

Discovery in Bay of Cambay Will Force Western Archaeologists to Rewrite History The civilization of Ancient Egypt occurred in a past so remote that today it seems mystical. The pyramids and…


7 Insanely Advanced Weapons History Somehow Forgot About

  As we have mentioned before, technological breakthroughs aren’t always built upon or improved — oftentimes they’re just outright forgotten, destroyed or lost to some ridiculous accident. The same goes with…

CIA in Syria (15)

The Engineered Fall of Syria: Extensive Intelligence and Paramilitary Network Exposed

At this stage, the “battle for Syria” is a specific role for foreign intelligence agencies, which in the summer of this year, significantly expanded its operations in the country. American,…


World Health Organisation ‘taking cash handouts from corporations to plug black holes in budget’

The World Health Organisation has taken thousands of pounds from food companies such as Coca-Cola and Nestle. A regional WHO office has also taken donations from Ben & Jerry’s ice…


Lebanon Bombing is Impetus for West’s Planned Sunni-Shi’ia War

Repost: Saad Hariri Aides Western Syria Destabilization from Lebanon. by Tony Cartalucci October 20, 2012 – It was, starting at least in 2007, the goal of the US, Saudis, and Israelis…


Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

Rosy Cross of the Golden Dawn Reality is myth, math, metaphor, and magic – defined by the endless ways we figure out the true nature of the illusion in which we are…


Fabian Society and the World Socialist Revolution

On October 24, 1883, in London, a group of 17 wealthy Socialists gathered to discuss a ‘Fellowship of the New Life,’ which was based on the writings of scholar Thomas…


Real History Lessons: The Shadows of Power| James Perloff

James Perloff exposes the subversive roots and global designs of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Passed off as a think-tank this group is the “power behind the throne” with…


Predatory Capitalism: Stealing Wealth, Stealing Food: The Battle for the Corporate Control of India

In recent years, India has increasingly conformed to a US-led economic agenda driven by the policies of the World Bank, the World Trade Organisation and associated institutions. Due to the…


Are We Alone? Genesis Revisited – Zecharia Sitchin Feature Film

In a set of 6000-year-old stone tablets, the Sumerians of Mesopotamia vividly describe cataclysmic planetary events which billions of years ago gave our solar system it’s current configuration, fashioning our…


Russian Antarctic Documentary: Third Reich – Operation UFO

The film explores the historical mysteries and rumours of a Nazi secret base in Antarctica, the 1947 flying saucer attack on Admiral Byrd’s ill-fated ‘Operation Highjump’ expedition and the occult…